AG Schuette Plans To Name His Fund Donors

AG Schuette Plans To Name His Fund Donors

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has decided that future donors to his nonprofit ``social welfare'' fund should be disclosed to the public.

The decision announced late Friday comes in the wake of Gov. Rick Snyder's decision to dissolve his 501c4 fund and create a new one.

Schuette's On Duty for Michigan fund has been able to legally accept unlimited amounts of money from anonymous donors. Fund board member Gary Gordon says the money has ``reduced the burden on taxpayers'' and improved the effectiveness of Schuette's office.

At the recommendation of the Republican attorney general, Gordon says the fund will go ``above and beyond'' by reporting future contributors to the public.

Snyder's fund came under scrutiny because it paid a top aide and some expenses of Detroit's emergency manager.


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