ArtPrize Starts in 4 Weeks

ArtPrize Starts in 4 Weeks

ArtPrize starts four weeks from Wednesday.

ArtPrize spokesman Todd Herring told WOOD Radio there are some new elements for the competition's fifth year.

"We partnered with the Walker Art Center out of Minneapolis, and most people have a funny reaction to that. 'You're bringing what?'"

That festival has been seen around the world.  Herring told WOOD Radio it sparks a conversation about what art is.

More than 1500 artists have submitted entries for the fifth annual ArtPrize competition.

"The are this year is really exceptional.  People who take the time to really explore a lot of venues are going to just have an absolutely world-class art experience."

ArtPrize has also launched its ArtClub membership program, which includes access to a lounge for members and artists at J. Gardella's Tavern, among other perks.  It starts at $30.

"It's a simple and easy way to support ArtPrize and also enjoy the event a lot more.  We have some really great perks that go along with being part of the ArtClub program.  We're thrilled to have it a part of ArtPrize 2013."

Organizers have also arranged a different transportation service for this year's event.

"The DASH system is going to be running all of ArtPrize hours, at least until 8 every night, and it's also going to be running on the weekends.  It will be a totally free public transporation option.  That will be happening during the 19 days."

Herring said the city proposed setting up the downtown circular route the DASH buses will run.As always, the event could use more volunteers, too.

"If you go to ArtPrize.org and click the 'Get Involved' tab, you can sign up to volunteer right there."

Sign up to volunteer here.  Click here to learn more about ArtPrize.  The event is September 18-October 6.

Pictured in a file photo is a crowd that gathered for ArtPrize in 2009.


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