GVSU Reinstalls "Wrecking Ball" Pendulum

GVSU Reinstalls

A swinging sculpture removed from a Michigan school's grounds after students used it to mimic a Miley Cyrus video in which she rides, naked, on a wrecking ball is back on campus.

Crews removed the bifilar pendulum Tuesday from a crate outside Padnos Hall at Grand Valley State University.

It was taken away in September because of safety concerns after workers discovered the cable holding it was frayed.
Students at the Allendale campus had been riding on it more often since the release of Cyrus' ``Wrecking Ball'' video, with photos and video emerging of people parodying the music video.
The sculpture is nearly 40 years old and had been outdoors since 1995. The school's campus is about 15 miles west of Grand Rapids.


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