Hispanic Center Sees Protestors Rally Monday

Hispanic Center Sees Protestors Rally Monday

Varied opinions were expressed outside the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan Monday.

Those for the center's operations were a counterpoint to those upset that a charter bus wound up on the Ambassador Bridge in July. That brought on U.S. Customs officials who detained those on board, including some undocumented residents. Three of the group were deported, more than three dozen headed to the U.S. Consulate in Detroit were detained for half a day.

Luz Calvo told WOOD TV the center should be more involved in these cases. "These people paid $75 for this service, so I guess they (the center) are responsible for what happened." Ezequiel Ramirez held a different opinion about the development. "Everybody makes mistakes, the driver made a mistake. Now they want to get paid for it. That's not right."

The center issued a statement on this issue.

(picture courtesy WOOD TV)


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