Holland PD: Beware of "Spontaneous" Home Repair Offers

Holland PD: Beware of

Holland Police are cautioning home owners to be aware of spontaneous home repair offers from individuals going door to door.

Police are investigating reports of individuals asking permission to enter homes to check dryer vent/attics for potential fire hazards.

One specific case two people were allowed into a home and told the homeowner they were at risk. They stayed for several hours installing equipment to fix the risks and charged the homeowner a large amount of money - almost 10 times what local businesses indicated the work should have cost.

Police are following up on leads and warn to be suspicious of door to door solicitors that wish to enter your home without a scheduled appointment from a reputable business.

It's also wise to seek a professional quote for work before it begins.

Residents are urged to call police at 1-800-249-0911 if they wish to have suspicious circumstances checked out.   


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