Kentwood Mayor Asks Feds for Debt Discussion, Solutions

Kentwood Mayor Asks Feds for Debt Discussion, Solutions

Kentwood's Mayor said he's encouraged that change may be coming for the debt ridden ways of the federal government.

Richard Clanton is back from a visit to Washington D.C. this week, representing the Michigan Chapter of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. "I spoke to one of the top aides for Senator (Debbie) Stabenow and Bill Huizenga, I kind of expressed what I thought about the effects of this debt on local communities." Clanton said he hopes there can be meaningful discussion and negotiation to take on the federal government's current spending patterns. "Especially to work on this sequester piece, because if we wait around on that I think we are going to have some serious issues coming up."

Clanton said there are seven or eight weeks before deadlines return to the Capitol Hill schedule, he's hoping small steps toward meaningful reforms can be taken. "The sense I get from Washington is that everybody is ready to talk. If that's the case, maybe we can get something done. For the last two years, everybody's been at each other's throat."


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