Memorial Planned for Muskegon Shooting Victim

Plans for a memorial service for the 26-year-old man shot in killed in Muskegon while chasing a car thief have been announced.

Friends and family had to find a larger venue to hold the memorial fundraiser in order to accommodate the large group expected to attend.

Jake Rameau will be memorialized at 5 p.m. Friday, July 11, at an outdoor concert venue, The Playground, at 7979 West Park Road in New Era.

Rameau was shot and killed June 26 after he pursued the thief that stole his brother's car.

Jake and his brother were singing karaoke at DJ's Pub & Grill in Muskegon last Thursday when someone took off in his brother's car.

Rameau pursued the thief on his Harley Davidson, but the chase ended not even a mile later on Peck Street in Muskegon Heights, on the front lawn of a home.

Jimmy Purnell and his wife were sleeping when they heard commotion outside their house, but neither heard gunshots.

The Purnell's went outside to find Rameau and his bike in their front lawn, and they assumed he has crashed. Neither saw blood or the bullet wound.

Purnell's wife held Rameau's hand as he took his last breath.

Later they found out Rameau had been shot.

Purnell told WOOD TV, "It's sad, sad something like this could happen. The shootings around here are getting out of hand. We just need to get all these guns off the street. Kids can't go out and play like they used to."

Police have arrested 25-year-old Deshawn Boylan for allegedly stealing the car - he is also a person of interest in the homicide.


Photo courtesy of WOOD TV 8


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