Mich. Education Official Responds to Obama Education Proposals

Mich. Education Official Responds to Obama Education Proposals

A top official with Michigan's universities is reacting to President Barack Obama's announcement of a new proposal to attempt to control increasing college tuition costs.

The president says students today are being swamped by debt when they leave colleges, and during a speech in Buffalo, New York, Thursday proposed tying federal aid to colleges and universities to a rating system that checks on how those schools are controlling overall costs.

Mike Boulus of the Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan, points to the cutback in state assistance to its public colleges as the primary contributing factor in terms of high tuition costs in Michigan.

Boulus says, in the past decade, state aid per student has been cut nearly in half, and that cut is almost the equivalent of the average tuition increase in the state.

He says the best way to hold down tuition increases and increase affordability is to restore the state's support for higher education.


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