New MISS DIG Rules For West MI Farmers

New MISS DIG Rules For West MI Farmers

Consumers Energy says the new MISS DIG rules began yesterday, designed to protect agricultural workers and underground utilities.

Public Act 174 amends a 40-year-old law that says those engaged in regular farming operations must call MISS DIG and request their property to be staked before beginning any kind of construction.

Roger Morgenstern with Consumers Energy said the rules benefit West Michigan farmers.

"They must call MISS DIG at 811 to request staking at least three days before beginning the work, unless one of three conditions is met. It has to do whether or not they're working in a public right-of-way, how deep they're digging, and how close they are to a pipeline."

Morgenstern says staking your property keeps everyone safe, among other things.

"The requirements to call MISS DIG have been clarified for the agricultural community. Dig-ins cost everyone money, so we're trying to do this to keep everyone safe and reduce the cost."

MISS DIG is providing a free membership to farm property owners. A work request will be sent to member facility owners who can have the approximate location of underground utility lines marked at no charge. Details on PA 174 can be found HERE.


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