Plaza Towers Remain Flooded Until River Falls Further

Plaza Towers Remain Flooded Until River Falls Further

Along the Grand River in downtown Grand Rapids, there's no word yet on when Plaza Towers residents can move back in.

The basement is still flooded, and engineers can't pump it totally dry until the river falls enough.

If they pump it too soon, water will simply seep back in, bringing soil with it -- and disturbing that soil could weaken a sanitary sewer line it supports.  If that line failed, it would affect a large part of the community.

Paul Heule is the President of Eenhorn LLC, which operates the building.  Heule said he wants to avoid any problems associated with "pumping out too quickly, having the sewer be an issue, and then all of us could not go potty.  It would be a really bad thing."

However, engineers can't determine when people can move back into that building until they can pump all of the water out and assess damage.

Pictured above is the entrance to the Plaza Towers underground parking garage, seen from Fulton on April 23.


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