Recycling Bin Wins Hackathon at Michigan Stadium

Recycling Bin Wins Hackathon at Michigan Stadium

A trash can designed to sort recyclables from garbage won first prize at a 36-hour hackathon competition at the University of Michigan's football stadium.

MHacks ran from Friday night to Sunday morning at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor while the Wolverines were on the road. The team of Zachary Lawrence, Joshua Drubin and Andres Toro that made GreenCan came by bus from the University of Maryland.

Hearst Automotive, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter sponsored the student-run event, which drew more than 1,200 people from roughly 100 schools.

The definition of "hacking" for some refers to gaining unauthorized access to files or systems. Those taking part in MHacks are tasked with making, not taking. Many competitors were creating websites, mobile applications and the like for the event.


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