Regional Drug Teams, Police/School District Program Get Fed Funding

Regional Drug Teams, Police/School District Program Get Fed Funding

A federal program's ready to fund a local police department's work with their area public schools, and regional drug teams. Governor Snyder's office announced Monday the Byrne JAG (Justice Assistance Grant) program will pay out nearly a half million dollars to the West Michigan Enforcment Team, the Metro Enforcement Team and the Central Michigan Enforcement Team. Nancy Becker-Bennett of the State Police's Grants and Community Services Division told WOOD Radio these teams "focus on drug enforcement in their areas, dismantling and disrupting drug trafficking organizations and criminal interdiction techniques." WE-MET, MET and C-MET support eight West Michigan Counties and the City of Grand Rapids in these programs.

Becker-Bennett said another JAG award is going to the Rockford Police and the Rockford Area Public Schools. "They're partnering to purchase emergency air horns and scanning radios to better equip the security staff in the district." She said police can better assist any call for help when they're more informed about the situation before they arrive.

While the federal government's in a partial shutdown, Becker-Bennett said that didn't impact the payout of these awards. "We received our allocation this year in the summer, we’re now distributing it to the state and local law enforcement and criminal justice agencies." It’s over $6 million being sent out statewide, recipients had to apply for these competitive grants.


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