Sen. Stabenow proposes work training program

Sen. Stabenow proposes work training program

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow talked of a major initiative to help train workers for new high-skilled jobs this afternoon at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). Joined by business owners, newly trained skilled workers, and community college officials she announced her proposal for the "New Skills for New Jobs Act".

Stabenow said, "The legislation that I'm introducing in Washington has strong bi-partisan support so it really builds on something that's already working. There's no sense in re-inventing the wheel."

One of the ways Stabenow is encouraging potential employees to find work is with the Michigan New Jobs Training Program, where businesses partner up with a community college to provide necessary training to potential employees to fill skilled positions businesses would like to create.

"Working with Michigan Works, The Right Place, with GRCC, with businesses it's the kind of partnership that we really need and want to build on," Stabenow commented.

The New Skills for New Jobs Act provides a federal match and reimburses the community college every quarter for state training programs like the Michigan New Jobs Training program.

Income tax payments of newly trained employees are utilized, once they start working, to pay back the community college for the cost of the training.

Stabenow said, "It's not that people aren't skilled, it's not that people in Michigan aren't smart; the jobs are changing and we need to match-up the jobs with skills of individuals."

GRCC has received about $30 million in MI New Jobs Training funding to train 4,837 employees at 10 companies.


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