Snyder Appoints New Emergency Manager for Flint

Snyder Appoints New Emergency Manager for Flint

A new emergency manager has been named for Flint following the resignation of Mike Brown.

State Treasury officials say Darnell Earley's tenure over the city's finances takes effect Oct. 1.

Gov. Rick Snyder (pictured) accepted Brown's resignation Wednesday. It is effective Oct. 31. Earley and Brown will work together during the transition of managers.

Earley is a former Flint city administrator and served in 2002 as Flint's temporary mayor during a vacancy in that office. He has been Saginaw's city manager for the past eight years.

Flint has been under state oversight since 2011 and continues to deal with a $3 million structural deficit.

It is one of a number of Michigan cities with emergency managers, including Detroit, which this summer made the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history.


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