Snyder, Group Applaud Schuette's Dredging Opinion

Snyder, Group Applaud Schuette's Dredging Opinion

Gov. Rick Snyder says he agrees with a legal opinion from Michigan's attorney general that says a trust fund for land purchases and improvements can't be used for harbor dredging.

The Republican governor told reporters Tuesday that he never wanted to use the Natural Resources Trust Fund for emergency dredging. He recently signed a spending bill that instead uses the state's general fund and another account to do dredging.

Some lawmakers have suggested using the recreation trust fund for other purposes.

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters also is applauding Attorney General Bill Schuette for his opinion. The group says he "ended this debate" by ruling the fund approved by voters in 1984 is constitutionally designated for certain purposes.

The account is funded with royalties from oil and gas drillers.


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