State House Approves Legislation on E-Cigs

State House Approves Legislation on E-Cigs

The Michigan House has approved and sent to the Senate, legislation prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

However the measure is not without critics who suggest the measure does not go far enough.   The governor has also expressed concerns about any e-cigarette legislation that does not treat the product the same way other tobacco products are now treated under the law.

The bill, sponsored by House Republican Rick Outman of Six Lakes, regulates e-cigarettes separately from traditional tobacco products, meaning smoking them in the workplace would not specifically be prohibited.

Other legislation pending in Lansing does regulate e-cigarettes as a tobacco product and thus smoking them would not be allowed in public places.

Anti-tobacco forces are pushing only for legislation that regulates e-cigarettes as all other cigarettes and tobacco products are regulated.


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