State Librarian Honors KDL Early Literacy Efforts

State Librarian Honors KDL Early Literacy Efforts

The Kent District Library has been honored for trying to get pre-readers set for a lifetime of learning and enrichment.

State Librarian Nancy Robinson has given a Citation of Excellence to the KDL, that means a $500 award and a trophy go along with the designation. Spokeswoman Heidi Nagel told WOOD Radio this is a tribute to the work done in early literacy programs. "We have specialists in our staff, a work group of extremely dedicated librarians ensuring early literacy programs and the story times engage pre-literacy skills." Nagel said the KDL was formed in the late 1930's and has always held these programs in the highest regard. "The governor has recognized and added more funds toward early literacy. Study after study proves that this is extremely valuable in determining future success in life."

Litchfield District Library received the State Librarian's Excellence Award, Battle Creek Lakeview High School took the similar Citation of Excellence given to KDL. Nagel said she believes it's a first time honor for their operation. "It's exceptional to some extent. All of these libraries are excelling in different areas, but we're all doing that because that's what our customers and communities are expecting of us."


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