State Sen. Hildenbrand: Increase Funding for GR Vets Home

State Sen. Hildenbrand: Increase Funding for GR Vets Home

A recent Auditor General report has a Kent County lawmaker making a push for additional funding in the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans' budget.

State Senator David Hildenbrand of Lowell says $725,000 is an appropriate increase with psychiatric care tops on the list of need areas.

"They deserve to get the mental health dollars and resources that the men and women who live at that home need."

Other focal points in the State Auditor General's report include improved management of food and medication at the home and better utilization of donated items.

Hildenbrand said he's spoken to the budget chair in his chamber who supports this cause, even at this point in the budget review process.

"We still are on track to get the budget done in early June. I will be working in the month of May with my colleagues to try and get this included in the budget."

Hildenbrand said veterans deserve this support as a tribute to their service.

"We have over 500 veterans, men and women who live in the home. It should be a priority for all of us and a priority in state funding."


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