State Treasury Andy Dillon Submits Resignation

State Treasury Andy Dillon Submits Resignation

State Treasurer Andy Dillon has submitted his resignation to Gov. Snyder.

In a statement, Dillon said scrutiny and media coverage given to issues related to his recent divorce have been unfair to his family and state residents:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce I have tendered my resignation to Governor Snyder. It has become clear to me-- as it likely is to most -- that it is unfair to my family and the residents of Michigan, to allow issues related to my recent divorce and the unfortunate acrimony associated with it to be a continued source of media attention and scrutiny. My family deserves privacy and our residents deserve to know their State Treasurer is not distracted by such issues and events. For these personal and professional reasons, I have determined it is in the best interests of all that I resign.

I am deeply committed to Governor Snyder and have tremendous respect for him and his unbending commitment to the people of Michigan. I want to thank the Governor for the opportunity to serve as Treasurer and will work closely with his office to ensure a smooth transition to my successor.

I have always considered it a privilege and honor to work on behalf of all Michigan residents and will look back fondly on my years of service in Lansing.

Dillon will remain Treasurer until the Governor appoints a replacement.Governor Snyder accepted his resignation and issued the following statement:

It is with regret but understanding that I accept Andy’s resignation. He has been instrumental in many of the comprehensive reforms that are contributing to Michigan’s comeback. Andy has worked tirelessly on behalf of the people of Michigan, and we’re a stronger state because of his dedication, expertise and leadership.

We all can be proud of everything that Michigan has accomplished during the past three years. Working together, we’ve brought fairness and simplicity to Michigan’s outdated tax system. We’ve worked collaboratively to help cities and schools deal with financial crises. His partnership with Detroit to assist in the city’s turnaround is just one example of Andy’s positive impact on Michigan. We’ve also worked with our local government partners to encourage greater service efficiencies that benefit taxpayers. A key reason for the success of these initiatives and others is Andy’s commitment to Michigan’s future. He embraced those challenges because he understands that these policies are critical to ensuring more and better jobs for families, and preparing our children for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Andy has demonstrated time and again that he was the right person at the right time to serve as treasurer. I respect his decision to seek new opportunities and offer my sincere gratitude for his years of selfless service to our state.

I am pleased that Andy will remain available to assist the new treasurer with the transition. We are working to select a new treasurer and will share that announcement when the process is completed.

Dillon has had a tumultuous year with a bitter divorce that has gone public, his gubernatorial campaign committee and other committees were wracked with accounting problems, and a friend acknowledged Dillon confronted a drinking problem at the end of last year.

Dillon testified Thursday under oath in the Detroit bankruptcy case at a deposition where attorneys for employee unions and retired city employees questioned him about the state’s actions and decisions leading up to the bankruptcy filing.


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