Survey shows Michiganders have negative thoughts on Tea Party

Survey shows Michiganders have negative thoughts on Tea Party

The Tea Party hasn't scored so well in a recent Michigan poll.

The survey, conducted by Lansing-based Marketing Resource Group along with Mitchell Research shows 50 percent of the respondents in the statewide poll have a negative impression of the tea party. Thirty-four percent have a positive impression.

MRG's Tom Shields says among Republicans, 68 percent have a favorable impression, but only 27 percent are "very favorable."

Further, 52 percent of independent voters in Michigan have a negative impression and 37 percent of independents have a positive impression.

Shields, who also is a consultant to some Republican candidates, says the survey results do not bode well for Tea Party candidates running in closely contested districts, adding,"it may help the candidate in the primary election in a conservative district....but Republicans are going to have to be cautions about putting these Tea Party type candidates in those swing seats out there," also adding that "a Tea Party label is not a positive overall in the state of Michigan in a general election."


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