UAW Lawyer Knocks Detroit over Pre-Bankruptcy Acts

UAW Lawyer Knocks Detroit over Pre-Bankruptcy Acts

The UAW's chief lawyer is portraying the city of Detroit as inflexible in the weeks leading to last summer's bankruptcy filing.

Unions opposed to Detroit's bankruptcy say there was a lack of good-faith negotiations with creditors before the Chapter 9 filing in July. If a judge finds that's true, he could throw out the case.

Michael Nicholson says attendees weren't always free to speak at private meetings with Detroit officials about the city's poor finances. Instead, they were required to put questions on cards.

Nicholson acknowledged the UAW had no interest in negotiating over pension cuts because public pensions are protected under the Michigan Constitution. But he says the UAW was willing to take the lead over health care negotiations. He says emergency manager Kevyn Orr never responded.


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