U.S. Forest Service Tells Deer Hunters To Prep for Hunt in Their Area

U.S. Forest Service Tells Deer Hunters To Prep for Hunt in Their Area

There's plenty of space to seek a deer this hunting season in the Huron-Manistee National Forests and some things to remember if they're your grounds.

Kate Salm, a Public Affairs Specialist with the Supervisor's office in Cadillac told WOOD Radio much of the regulatory structure is set up by Michigan's DNR. The U.S. Forest Service has specific concerns about how you get around. "Be sure to get a copy of our Motor Vehicle Use Map. That'll show all of the legally open roads on the National Forest. It's available at all of our offices or at our website. ATV's have to be used on designated trails." Off Road Vehicles aren't to be used to drive to your blind or to bring back game, even if a someone has a disabled hunter's permit issued by the DNR.

There are also federal rules on camping in developed grounds that may vary from other regulations. "This is a year round rule that we have. You can set up your campsite, but you cannot stay longer than two weeks there. You have to move at least five miles away." In the General Forest, a 16 day use rule applies. Salm said they prohibit leaving camping equipment unattended for more than 24 hours, if it's found it will be removed.

Finally, the U.S. Forest Service is equally concerned as their state and local counterparts about Emerald Ash Borer spread. Salm points out "you can either buy the firewood locally or if you're going to be camping you can cut firewood around your site, as long as it's dead or downed trees.

Here's a link to check out the Motor Vehicle Use Map and Wildlife Habitat Maps.


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