West Michigan Radio Icon Bill Bailey Dies

West Michigan Radio Icon Bill Bailey Dies

West Michigan radio icon Bill Bailey has died.

He had a long career that started with Armed Forces Radio when he served in Vietnam, according to his peer and friend Phil Catlett.

"Bill was a major-market talent that worked in Washington, DC, and Cincinnati, and the famed WLS in Chicago before he came to Grand Rapids."

Catlett told WOOD Radio that Bill represented a lot of what he loved about the radio business.

"It was about people, it was about communicating, it was about always being the best you could be."

Catlett said he'll remember Bill's sense of humor, especially when people confused him with a famous West Michigan artist.

"People would walk up to him on the street and say, 'You look like Paul Collins,' and he would say, 'No!  Paul Collins looks like me, Bill Bailey!'"

Bill died Wednesday morning at the WGVU golf outing at the Meadows.  Most recently, he was with WGVU Real Oldies.

(Photo courtesy Facebook)


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